today I will be: healthy

Sugar: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly 

Part II

So what’s the deal with artificial sweeteners? Click the picture to learn more in our second installment about sugar and its effects on your health!

today I will be: preventative

Flu season is rapidly approaching! At Today Integrative Health and Wellness, we believe that boosting your immune system naturally is the best flu prevention. Click the picture for our latest blog about how you can stay healthy this flu season!

Same day acute visits are always available!
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today i will be: informed

One of the core tenets of naturopathic medicine is Docere, Doctor as Teacher. At Today Integrative Health and Wellness, we are very committed to our roles as teachers to our patients, the public, other healthcare professionals, and future naturopathic doctors.

today I will be: rejuvenated

IV nutrient therapy is a method of delivering nutrients, including vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and other substances, directly into the blood stream. At Today Integrative Health + Wellness we believe this is a powerful tool for helping our patients recover from many ailments.
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today I will be: pain-free

Yu Jin Lee, LAc brings the medicine of the far east to the southwest metro area. Her holistic approach and gentle technique will have you questioning why you didn’t come in sooner. Whether you need help with a winter cold or a recent Motor Vehicle Accident, Yu Jin will surely have you feeling better.


today: is a new day

Our Integrative Clinic has a new name, a new website,and a new look. What hasn’t changed is our dedication to putting the needs of our patient first. You can still depend on our great service, exceptional staff, and amazing physicians.

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What our patients are saying...

I don’t think I’ve ever had better medical care in my life. I have been working with Dr. Julie Briley for about 6 months and she is so patient, thorough, and a critical thinker. To her, I am not just a thyroid issue, but a whole body! I love how when you book your appointments at [Today Integrative Health + Wellness] you know the time frame of the appointment. Not once did I ever feel like I was being rushed out so that they could see the next patient. Dr. Briley took as much time as I needed to answer all of my questions. She is super great at explaining how things work, why she thinks we should do certain treatments, ext ext.
-Katie M.

I have had several experiences with naturopathic medicine, all of which were reminiscent of telling my troubles to a duck- QUACK. Not true with Dr. Misty White. She is capable, helpful, effective, and supportive. She helped me nail down issues that had been troubling me for years- issues my conventional medical providers had not been able to correct. What I have come to realize is that while Western medicine is excellent at making you “not sick,” a naturopath will make you HEALTHY. And there’s a difference between the two. Dr. Misty White at [Today Integrative Health + Wellness] will help YOU to be healthy, too!

-Lacy G.

[Today Integrative Health + Wellness] is equipped with an amazing team of naturopathic doctors that work a together to cover a diverse spectrum of health concerns. I first came to the office in June of 2011 and sought help out for my seasonal allergies from Dr. Misty White. She LISTENS to you when you are sharing what your concerns are and is able to provide a treatment plan that directly addresses your individual health concerns, all while making you feel as if you are the only patient she has for the day with her relaxed and kind manner.
It is because of her that I came across the best pediatrician I have ever seen for my children’s healthcare. Dr. Vanessa Lyon provides care that goes beyond the extra mile for my children that started with them coming down with a severe sickness that caused fevers sky rocketing to 107 degrees. We battled this out in first my 23 month old little girl, then my 3 year old boy, each for over a week! She knew precisely the correct care to give and when to send us to the Er and how to help the kids recover.

-Lisa E.

I saw Yu Jin Lee today using a Groupon deal for acupuncture. This was my first experience with acupuncture, although I have received a mini acupressure session years ago for a wrist injury. I went to Ms. Lee for problems associated with menopause. I felt she was very thorough and professional. We spent about an hour discussing my medical history from the paperwork I completed. Although this may be annoying for some people, I appreciated the review. I like to know that my medical professional has read and understands what is going on. Check into an emergency room and count how many times you are asked the SAME questions by several people. It’s a prudent practice, I think. After she completed the review, she listened to my pulse, REALLY listened, for several minutes, and then started with the needles. They don’t really hurt anymore than a rubber band snap.

-Pamela L.

Dr. Misty White is the best naturopath I’ve been to, and I’ve been to quite a few. I’ve had celiac disease and other food intolerances for years and she is the most knowledgeable doctor I’ve met. She has been a big help to me and I’m much healthier for it. Dr. White never tries to force anything and really works with me. She will be my primary doctor for years. Location is easy to get to with parking lot.

-Wendy H.

I was very happy with my first visit to see Julie Briley. Dr. Briley and her staff were very professional and I felt that all my concerns were addressed. I look forward to my next appointment!