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Do I have IBS or a Food Intolerance?

In my previous posting, “Do I Have IBS or Poor Digestive Function”, I discussed that the vast majority of my IBS patients do have something that we can identify and treat, leading to more control over digestive symptoms and better quality of life.  IBS is not something you need to simply “learn to live with.” […]

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Arthritis Management and Relief with Natural Medicine

Dr. Misty White was honored to speak to the Arthritis Support Group of Lake Oswego in April 2013. Here is a summary of the information presented at that meeting: A Naturopathic Approach to Arthritis 1. Nourish your joints Bone broth = bovine cartilage.  This provides the raw materials necessary to rebuild and repair joints. To make […]

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Do I Have IBS or Poor Digestive Function?

The label of Irritable Bowel Syndrome is very common but does little in the way of helping patients identify triggers for their symptoms.  IBS is used to describe symptoms as varied as abdominal pain, gas, bloating, diarrhea and constipation.  What saddens me as a physician is that so many of my patients come to me […]

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I.V. Heavy Metal Chelation Therapy

What are heavy metals? Heavy metals are rather loosely defined, but they are a subset of elements that exhibit metallic properties such as transition metals and other metalloid elements. Some heavy metals such as iron, zinc, copper, cobalt and manganese are necessary for proper physiological function at low levels; however, at higher concentrations these metals […]

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Customized Weight Loss

Myth #1: It’s all about the calories. This is true to a degree, but it is an oversimplification for some patients. There are many factors that contribute to a patient’s ability to sustain weight loss, including: Hormone Levels (including some “Vitamins”) Dietary History Exercise History Sleep Behavior & Patterns Chemical Exposures Sources of Chronic Inflammation […]

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