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Food Sensitivities & Allergies

What is a food allergy? When we hear the term “food allergy” we often picture a person covered in hives, swollen beyond recognition, and gasping for air. This certainly can be the case, especially in the case of shellfish or peanut allergies. However, not all allergies are created equally. Individuals with Celiac disease have a […]

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Hormone Balancing

Who is affected by Hormone Imbalance? Hormone imbalance occurs almost universally with aging. The most commonly decreasing age-related hormones include DHEA (from the adrenals), IGF-1 (from the pituitary), melatonin (from the pineal gland), as well as the sex hormones (testosterone, estradiol, and progesterone). Levels of thyroid hormones also commonly decline in both men and particularly […]

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Why should I detoxify? Detoxification is the process of neutralizing or transforming toxins into a less offensive substance. As a part of normal physiological function our body creates toxins that need to be eliminated, and it has set up the proper systems to do so. However, in today’s environment there are a variety of substances […]

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Andropause & Men’s Health

It is well known in the medical industry that men often only seek professional medical help as a last resort. We hope to change that at Today Integrative Health + Wellness. Our physicians have had extensive training in treating conditions that are specific to men and are committed to helping men achieve their optimal health. […]

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Primary Care

As Primary Care Providers (PCPs), our goal is to create a doctor-patient relationship that is based on trust and focuses on you as an individual. Our hope is that through our skills our patients will feel confident and secure in us as physicians. We aim to create a professional environment that is not only thorough […]

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