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Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy

What is bio-identical hormone replacement therapy? As we go through life transitions, hormone levels can become imbalanced. After childbirth, perimenopause, weight changes, and aging in general hormone shifts can occur resulting in unpleasant symptoms. Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) is the therapeutic administration of hormones to replace or supplement a deficiency or imbalance of normally occurring […]

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Reclaiming Female Libido: Beyond candles & lingerie

More than 40% of women report experiencing some form of sexual dysfunction at least once in their lifetime.  For many women that concern is decreased libido and may accompany life changes such as childbirth, medication adjustments, peri & post menopause and weight gain.  While life changes may coincide with decreases in libido, this shift in […]

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Squeeze Before You Sneeze

by Robyn Kutka, ND You sneeze – you leak! You laugh – you leak! You cough – you leak! What’s a girl to do? Well there’s certainly more options than pantyliners and always keeping an extra change of clothes on hand.  This form of urine leakage or “incontinence” may be affected by the tone of […]

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Sexual Health

Research has found that 43% of women report sexual dysfunction at some point in their lives; however, the number of women that actually experience sexual dysfunction is likely far greater. Unfortunately, most providers don’t question sexual health concerns at every visit and most patients don’t initiate conversations about their own sexual health concerns. Common concerns […]

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Hormone Balancing

Who is affected by Hormone Imbalance? Hormone imbalance occurs almost universally with aging. The most commonly decreasing age-related hormones include DHEA (from the adrenals), IGF-1 (from the pituitary), melatonin (from the pineal gland), as well as the sex hormones (testosterone, estradiol, and progesterone). Levels of thyroid hormones also commonly decline in both men and particularly […]

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Andropause & Men’s Health

It is well known in the medical industry that men often only seek professional medical help as a last resort. We hope to change that at Today Integrative Health + Wellness. Our physicians have had extensive training in treating conditions that are specific to men and are committed to helping men achieve their optimal health. […]

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