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Back to School

To get you thinking about gearing up for the school year here are a few ideas…. Are your children playing sports this year? Sports physicals generally need to be updated every two years. Dr. Bonny is now offering sports physicals at the clinic. Most schools have a form that will need to be completed. Please […]

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Diet and the Gut Microbiome

by Dr. Haylee Nye Did you know that changing from an animal-based diet to a plant-based diet can alter your gut microbiome in at little as 24 hours? What we eat can greatly change the state of our health, starting with shifting the microbiome. Studies have shown that bacterial diversity, or lack thereof, can either […]

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Eat Seasonably: May Edition

We have been waiting long enough and finally it is time for the spring greens! If there was a time to get your fresh greens on, it is now. Ready for the picking is arugula, spinach, chard, collard greens, kale, radicchio and lettuce greens. Mixing up your greens can give you plenty of variety and […]

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Eat Seasonably: April

After record snow fall this winter, the sun is finally peeking out through the clouds and the cherry blossoms are in bloom! With the dawn of spring comes the decisions farmers need to make to yield a plentiful fall harvest. Yet, in the meantime, an abundance of local fresh crops awaits to be added to […]

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Eat Seasonably: November

The cold weather is brewing and now is the perfect time to turn toward the more warming, autumn harvest foods that are in season. Root vegetables are abundant this time of year. You can find fresh carrots, potatoes, beets, garlic and onions at your local farmer’s market. Fresh herbs include rosemary, sage, basil and parsley. […]

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Should I get the flu shot?

Most people who get the flu will have mild illness, will not need medical care or antiviral drugs, and will recover in less than two weeks. However, some individuals may experience flu complications, such as pneumonia, that can result in hospitalization and sometimes death. During recent flu seasons, between 80% and 90% of flu related […]

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Dr. Kirsten Wright

Dr. Kirsten Wright was selected in 2014 for our pilot joint-residency program with RestorePDX. She completed her residency in October, 2016. Dr. Wright is currently working at OHSU’s ORCCAMIND center for complementary and alternative medicine. Dr. Wright is a Naturopathic Physician and Integrative Medicine Researcher whose interests encompass integrative primary care, IV therapies, botanical medicine, […]

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The Spring Season and Traditional Chinese Medicine

Spring is a of time growth, renewal, and increasing light, warmth, and energy. In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) each season is associated with one of the classical five elements. Spring is connected to the Wood element. This element reflects the nature of trees and plants to grow upward and outward. In spring we see new […]

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Headaches, especially migraine headaches, may be among the utmost debilitating symptoms or conditions out there. In fact, migraines are among the most common causes of emergency room visits for women between 18 and 45 years of age. When experiencing a migraine, many different symptoms can occur beyond head pain including vision disturbances, dizziness, confusion, neck […]

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Eat Seasonably: September Edition

At Today Integrative Medicine, we firmly believe in the concept of food as medicine.  As Hippocrates once said, “let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” This ancient piece of advice is being proven true over and over by modern research. Fruits and vegetables contain powerful disease-fighting antioxidants and nutrients. Proper food can […]

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