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Three Reasons Why the Scale Isn’t Budging

You notice that you have gained a few extra pounds. Jeans are fitting tighter than normal or maybe not at all! So, you make a pledge to get the pounds off. You join a gym and kick up the cardio, start eating everything “you should” and restrict your calorie intake. After 2, 4, or 6 […]

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Diet and the Gut Microbiome

by Dr. Haylee Nye Did you know that changing from an animal-based diet to a plant-based diet can alter your gut microbiome in at little as 24 hours? What we eat can greatly change the state of our health, starting with shifting the microbiome. Studies have shown that bacterial diversity, or lack thereof, can either […]

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Should I get the flu shot?

Most people who get the flu will have mild illness, will not need medical care or antiviral drugs, and will recover in less than two weeks. However, some individuals may experience flu complications, such as pneumonia, that can result in hospitalization and sometimes death. During recent flu seasons, between 80% and 90% of flu related […]

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Vitamin B12

What is vitamin B12 and what does it do? Vitamin B12 is a water-soluble vitamin found in animal-based products. It works in DNA formation and the body’s nervous and hematologic system. It is also utilized in energy generation and is fuel for the adrenal glands responsible for dealing with daily stressors, both physical and emotional. […]

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Spring: The Season of New Beginnings and Allergy Warfare

It’s Spring! The days are getting longer and the weather is finally starting to warm up. The trees, grasses and flowers are blooming and everyone’s spirits are starting to lift after the long, dark and cold winter. Many people look forward to the change in seasons; however, for seasonal allergy sufferers this time of year […]

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What’s So Bad About Cholesterol?

Chances are you’ve heard someone say the phrase, “I need to lower my cholesterol.”  Most people would be hard pressed to explain what cholesterol actually is, what roles it plays in our bodies or just how lowering cholesterol improves our health. Physically, cholesterol has a texture about halfway between butter and wax.  It’s categorized as […]

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Sexual Health

Research has found that 43% of women report sexual dysfunction at some point in their lives; however, the number of women that actually experience sexual dysfunction is likely far greater. Unfortunately, most providers don’t question sexual health concerns at every visit and most patients don’t initiate conversations about their own sexual health concerns. Common concerns […]

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Andropause & Men’s Health

It is well known in the medical industry that men often only seek professional medical help as a last resort. We hope to change that at Today Integrative Health + Wellness. Our physicians have had extensive training in treating conditions that are specific to men and are committed to helping men achieve their optimal health. […]

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