Reclaiming Female Libido: Beyond candles & lingerie

More than 40% of women report experiencing some form of sexual dysfunction at least once in their lifetime.  For many women that concern is decreased libido and may accompany life changes such as childbirth, medication adjustments, peri & post menopause and weight gain.  While life changes may coincide with decreases in libido, this shift in libido often signifies underlying medical concerns ranging from anemia to hormone and/or neurotransmitter imbalance.  Often thought of as a side effect of aging, a robust libido does not have to shelved and forgotten.

While libido can certainly be reclaimed, a successful approach in doing so differs based on the individual, as female libido is a multi-causal and multi- dimensional concern.  Because of this, there is no universal medication for women suffering from loss of libido.  While many teas, supplements and even cereals boast libido boosting capabilities, these typically do not work when faced with unaddressed and underlying causative factors.   Whether too little testosterone, too much testosterone, insufficient estradiol or progesterone, neurotransmitter imbalance, recent medication adjustments, nutrient imbalance, stress, or more are contributing to decreased libido, rest assured these factors can be successfully identified and addressed.

A strong foundation of individualized hormone and neurotransmitter balancing in addition to discovering and treating underlying physical conditions, addressing lifestyle and social factors while approaching each situation as unique, can help every woman successfully reclaim her libido and add a bit of spice back to her life  – with more tools to choose from than a new lingerie wardrobe.