Hidden Immortal Lineage Taijiquan

taichi-morningTaiji (also written Tai Chi) is a Daoist martial art, a form of Qigong. Qigong literally means “energy work.” It is a practice of moving meditation, in which you to work with your energy to increase your vitality and attain harmony within the body and with the outer environment. There are different forms of Taiji stemming from various lineages. They each have their own unique styles but their basic principles are essentially the same. Taiji is developed to express the Dao, the way of the universe, in physical movement. By practicing Taiji, you can develop sensitivity to the energy flow in your environment and within yourself. When you learn to decrease resistance to the natural flow of the universal energy and become more resonant with it, you can achieve a sense of wellbeing, which in turn will create a peaceful environment internally and externally. In Chinese medicine, blockage of free flowing energy is often the main cause of illness and pain. Qigong including Taiji is an important branch of Chinese medical practices used to heal disease.

I was fortunate to meet my Taiji teacher, Master Zhongxian Wu, at National College of Natural Medicine during my studies in Classical Chinese medicine. He is the lineage holder of four different schools of Qigong and martial arts. He is the 18th generation lineage holder of the Mt. Wudang Dragon Gate style of Qigong, the 8th generation lineage holder of the Mt. Emei Sage style Qigong, the 7th generation lineage holder of the Wudang “He” style of Taijiquan. I started learning the “He” style Taiji form in 2004, and I continue to study with Master Wu to deepen my practice of the form and incorporate other qigong forms into the practice. Currently, I am teaching the basic 8 movements of the “He” style Taiji form, which constitutes what is known as the “Mother Form,” at Sun Gate Studio in the Alberta Arts District of Northeast Portland. These 8 movements are foundational movements that are repeated throughout the long version of the form. The entire long form is rooted in these 8 movements and they are powerful. These movements are also universal to other Taiji styles. With regular practice, you can feel inner peace and harmony within yourself, which helps to bring clarity in your mind and develop strength and flexibility in your body.

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