Individualized Weight Loss

by Misty White, ND

Diet and Exercise.  That’s the key to weight loss, according to conventional wisdom.

What if you’ve adopted a great Diet and ramped up your Exercise and are still not seeing results?  What if you don’t know where to start with Diet and Exercise?

Our approach to weight loss is a comprehensive patient-centered protocol.  When customizing your treatment plan, we will address the following:  Diet, Exercise, Inflammation, Hormones, Sleep, Mood, and Elimination.

Diet.  We will work with you to discover what works, what doesn’t and what is livable.  There’s no “one size fits all” diet solution!  Keeping it simple is our style: real foods, mostly plants, not too much.

Exercise.  Our physicians will help with goal setting and finding enjoyment in daily movement.  We can customize your goals while working with your physical strengths and limitations.  Often, pain reduction is crucial to help implement a meaningful exercise routine.

Inflammation.  Pain and inflammation can make exercise difficult.  Inflammation can also cause water retention, fatigue and increased body fat.  Addressing sources of inflammation like food intolerances, allergies, and chronic infections is an important component of our holistic weight loss approach.

Hormones.  Stress, Thyroid hormones, estrogen, progesterone and testosterone all have unique and important roles in how fat and muscle are created.  Gathering a detailed symptom picture and lab testing will help identify the role of hormone imbalance in weight management.  Our physicians can use conventional as well as cutting edge tools to identify hormone imbalances.

Sleep.  If you’re not getting enough hours or good quality sleep, this will impact your ability to lose weight.  Optimizing sleep and identifying if sleep apnea is a factor can be the tipping point to trigger weight loss for many people.

Mood.  Changes in mood can affect food choices.  Food choices will also in turn affect mood.  We often need to look at these effects together in order to have a positive impact on eating patterns and weight management.

Elimination.  Whatever your body can’t eliminate, it will store.  Body fat is a storage tissue for energy as well as fat-soluble toxins.  Enhancing elimination through kidneys, the bowel, skin and lymph can make weight loss easier for many people.