Eat Seasonably: January Resolution Edition

It’s a brand new year. What better time to change your diet habits than now! Commit to treating yourself to high quality food that will nourish your body, increase energy, lessen toxic burden, promote happiness, and possibly even reverse disease. And it’s not just about WHAT you eat. HOW you eat is equally important. Here are our top food resolutions to make for a happy, healthy 2018!

Your 2018 Food Resolutions:

  1. Foster a healthy relationship with food. This means feeling good about what you put in your body. Do away with guilt and negative feelings associated with eating, and truly love your food.
  2. Enjoy your food. When it’s time to eat, put away your phone or computer and your work. Sit down at a table, preferably with loved ones, and slowly savor each bite of food, really tasting it. Eating slowly and mindfully promotes good digestion and combats over-eating.
  3. Experiment! Try something you’ve never tried before. Cook a new recipe, or invent your own. Keep food interesting and appetizing by adding variety to your diet.
  4. Eat real food. If you couldn’t make it at home or it comes in a package, especially with over 5 ingredients, avoid it! Processed foods are generally jam-packed with sugar, dreaded trans fats, and devoid of nutrients. Just say no!
  5. Pack your plate with veggies. We dare you to try to eat too many vegetables. It’s nearly impossible! Vegetables, especially dark leafy greens, are loaded with antioxidants and vitamins for optimum health and fiber to keep you satiated.
  6. Choose organic whenever you can. Non-organic produce is treated with pesticides and other chemicals to fight bugs, infections, increase yield, and prolong the growing season unnaturally. The effects of ingesting all these chemicals are almost certainly detrimental to your health and an added burden to your detoxification systems.
  7. Ditch the fear of fat. Healthy fats, including those found in cold-water fish, nuts and seeds, olive and coconut oils, and avocado are essential for beautiful skin, neurotransmitter function (your mood!), reproductive function, and so much more. Be mindful that “low-fat” or “zero-fat” foods are often full of added sugar to add flavor.
  8. Kick your sugar habit. Minimize foods with added sugar, cane sugar, cane syrup, dextrose, etc. Eating too much sugar contributes to the development of insulin resistance, diabetes, obesity, inflammation, and many more adverse health effects.

Today Health and Wellness truly believes in food as medicine. These very simple resolutions are a great jumping off point for healing yourself with food. For more tips and individualized recommendations, contact your provider at Today.