Back to School

bonnie schedulicityTo get you thinking about gearing up for the school year here are a few ideas….

  • Are your children playing sports this year? Sports physicals generally need to be updated every two years. Dr. Bonny is now offering sports physicals at the clinic. Most schools have a form that will need to be completed. Please bring this form in to your appointment.
  • Nutrition and good sleep are key to good health and being successful at school and athletics. Good nutrition plays a role in behavior, cognition, and overall wellbeing. If you’d like to know how to support your child to be their best please schedule a visit. We’ll go over diet, behavior challenges, sleep, hormonal imbalances and we can also look for food sensitivities or environmental allergies.
  • Parents often ask about childhood vaccines; which ones are recommended? What about delayed schedules? Opting out? How can you boost your immunity naturally to stay healthy through the school year? Dr. Bonny would be happy to answer your questions.

Tips to get your kids ready for school

Summer is often a time of late nights, bbqs, ice cream, and out of the norm routines. Step one is to start getting back to your regular schedule a week or so before school starts, August 29th for Lake Oswego.

Sleep: Good sleep is key for improved memory, healing, hormonal balance and overall wellbeing. Aim for 9-12 hours per night depending on age of your child. Remember preschoolers and teens need more sleep!

Make sure your kids are getting a good breakfast. I know with my own teen that he’ll sleep until the last minute before it’s time to go and then he’s eating in the car. Ugh! Here are some quick/ easy breakfasts: Boiled eggs, Plain yogurt with nuts – honey or maple syrup, protein shake (we have lots of options at the clinic), chia “pudding” – (check out Pinterest for loads of ideas – watch the amount of sweet), protein (bacon, tofu, hummus, lentils, nuts) and leftover veggies. Try to minimize the amount of carbohydrates at breakfast. This will support long term stable blood sugar; important for attention and behavior.

Water: This is key – invest in a water bottle for your child and encourage them to drink throughout the day. Besides keeping them hydrated water improves mood and energy, supports digestion and improves detoxification. Minimize milk, juice, and sodas.

Encourage your children to make/take their own lunch and minimize preservatives and additives.  I started this last year with my kids. They don’t do it everyday but they do like making their own choices and they learn how to manage their time in the morning and to prepare healthy lunches.   Watch for snacks with HFCS, MSG, GMO, Red, Yellow and Blue dyes. These are neurotoxins. There are many natural substitutes for these snacks. Some schools offer homemade lunches – Awesome! You get to skip this one!

Balancing schedules. This is a hard one I know. With so many opportunities and the competitive nature of life now, it’s easy to over schedule our kids. Remember, downtime is important for self-discovery, fosters creativity, and provides a time for relaxation.

Screen Time: This is another challenge yet so important. Too much screen time (phones, computers, gaming, TV) creates disconnect between family and friends, sets up for bad sleep habits. Aim for turning off screens at least an hour before bed. Encourage in person connection instead.

These are just a few ideas to get you and your families off to a good start. Please let us know if we can help support you this school year!

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