What is acupuncture? What conditions can acupuncture treat? Can acupuncture treat back pain or anxiety? Can it help with weight loss?

Acupuncture is a proven system of health care that improves the body’s functioning and promotes healing. It can effectively treat a wide variety of problems: acute and chronic, physical and emotional.

How does acupuncture work?

According to classical acupuncture theory the body is kept alive and healthy by a vital energy called Qi (“chee”). The Qi must flow freely through the meridians, or channels, in the body to support and nourish every cell, tissue, muscle, gland, and organ. Acupuncture involves the insertion of fine needles into acupuncture points of the body in order to restore the healthy flow of Qi.

What are the benefits of acupuncture?rain giving acupunture

Scientific studies show that acupuncture stimulates the release of neurotransmitters which reduce pain and stimulate immune function as well as increasing blood circulation.

What can I expect during my appointment?

Your practitioner at Today Integrative Health and Wellness will review your medical history and talk with you about your current concerns. They will then perform a physical examination, which may include palpating muscles, wrist pulses, abdomen, meridians, and observing the shape, color, and coating of your tongue. You will then receive a treatment tailored to your unique needs.

Moxibustion is the burning of Mugwort or Artemesia Vulgaris. Moxibustion is a traditional part of Chinese medicine that is used to improve the efficacy of acupuncture. It has various effects on the body such as improving circulation, mitigating dampness and cold, and improving the body’s function.

Moving Cupping is the use of suction to attach glass cups onto the lubricated surface of your skin in order to improve circulation, relieve pain, remove “heat” and stagnation in the underlying tissue.

What are the side effects of acupuncture?

Acupuncture needles are tiny, thin, and flexible as well as sterile and single-use. When acupuncture needles are inserted you may experience a heavy, achy, or tingling sensation. These are indications that the acupuncture is taking effect.

Your practitioner may also use other techniques such as moxibustion, cupping, and massage. All techniques will be explained to you before the treatment. After the needles are in place your practitioner will leave you to rest on the table while you experience a deep sense of relaxation.

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