Our Providers

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Dr. Bonny Seal is Naturopathic Physician. She provides family medicine with a focus on children’s health using traditional naturopathic medicine. Health takes time and Dr. Bonny enjoys providing this time and seeing her patients gain optimal wellness.




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Haylee’s practice focuses on women’s health, including preconception care and fertility. In addition, she has advanced training in gastroenterology and rheumatology. She has a passion for prevention via lifestyle and optimal nutrition.




Dr. White believes in merging the best of conventional and alternative care to achieve the best health possible for her patients. Her practice encompasses primary care, food sensitivities, IV therapy, weight loss, hormone therapy, and mood disorders.




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Dr. Watson desires to use the roots of Naturopathy to improve the lives of her patients. Her practice encompasses primary care with a focus on women’s health and gastroenterology.




katie schedulicity 2Katie Roeda is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker whose practice encompasses individual and family psychotherapy for adolescents and adults.




colin schedulicity 2Dr. Colin Gold, is a nationally board certified acupuncturist & herbalist. He believes in an integrative approach that brings together the best of modern Western medicine with traditional Chinese medicine to provide the most comprehensive care.




Rain loves helping people achieve optimum health using an individualized and intuitive approach. She loves working with people rehabilitating from injuries, managing stress, improving sleep as well as treating chronic, acute and autoimmune conditions.




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Rae helps her clients achieve healing through Swedish, deep tissue, trigger point therapy, and pregnancy massage. She believes in educating clients on how they can play an active part in their own wellness goals.