Dr. Susana Watson

Susana HeadshotDr. Susana Watson is a first-year resident physician excited to be at Today Health + Wellness. In July 2017 she graduated from the National University of Natural Medicine (NUNM) in Portland, OR with a Naturopathic Doctorate.

Dr. Watson discovered Naturopathic medicine while battling her own health issues as she was completing her pre-med requirements at Whitman College in Walla Walla, WA. It was nutrition and lifestyle changes that made a big difference in her health at that time, and that is when she decided to pursue Naturopathic medicine in order to help her future patients in the same way. While in medical school, she had great success in using the vast Naturopathic tool kit to heal from the acute conditions that would travel around the student body.

After graduating from Whitman in 2009, and prior to applying for medical school, Susana was a Medical Assistant at a private OBGYN office in her hometown. She then moved to Portland and worked with a bilingual Gastroenterologist. Although her training at NUNM was in primary care, those previous experiences drove her passion for Women’s Health and Gastroenterology. At NUNM she was on many women’s-health focused shifts as well as the GI mentor shift. She has also completed outside training in Pelvic Floor therapy and has used this technique during her schooling to address chronic pelvic pain.

In her free time she enjoys traveling, attending concerts, and working out with her husband; spending time with family (especially her baby niece and nephew), discovering delicious recipes, as well as getting out to explore nature.

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